Monday, July 15, 2019

Alone with the introvert

Coming back to reality,
I sit along the river side.
I want to be one with nature,
In rhythm with the swaying leaves,
In song with the chirping birds,
Flowing with the silent waves.

I wish to be unseen by my own kind.
These are the times I wish to be invisible.
Only to return when my heart desires to,
When I’m ready to grace my audience.

Friday, March 01, 2019

Hot Chocolate

Here I am in place where I usually feel relaxed.

I came here and ordered hot chocolate instead of my usual brewed dark roast coffee. Earlier when this incident happened with a coworker which caused me distress, I went to the office lunchroom to calm my nerves with coffee. But the coffee pot was empty, and I decided to not brew a new one since it was past 2 already and I don’t want to have a chance to waste coffee. It’s probably a blessing, cause coffee would have probably not calmed my nerves down.

So I headed here with hot chocolate in mind. Chocolates...happiness hormones...come calm me down please. I wish I can learn how to be calm at all times, especially when people make you feel small.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

End of the month as a start

I know it’s been ages!

I’ve just read some of my old posts and oh my goodness, the warmth I feel, the magic...I really need to start writing again. So here I am typing my thumbs off on my mobile phone on my lunch break at work. It’s the end of the first month of the year 2019 and I am marking this as the beginning of (another) attempt to restore my writing self.

May fate and determination side with me this time.

Good luck to me!

Monday, February 27, 2017



I am in search of something I used to have.

But the subzero winter holds me back from the journey.


I went shallow because I know what happens in the deep.
But why is it hollow?

Translation without caffeine: I'd like to go to the library but I feel lazy to walk
a mile outdoors with -15C temperature.

Friday, July 08, 2016

So what has happened to me?!?

Two years of silence.

Thought I've finally given up this blog? Well, I thought so myself!

I was thinking of starting a new blog actually. But I really didn't want to archive all these great memories from the past stories of my life, so here I am still.

So what has happened to me?!?

Well, let's just say, two years ago I did this:

So from living in the hot Equator, I now live in the cold North.

Quite a change, huh? Oh yeah, baby! 

And I'm lovin' it! ;)

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Perfect Cookie

I finally found it, the perfect chocolate chip cookie!

Pepperidge Farm soft baked dark choco cookie!

saw it in the grocery and I just had to try it because it seems to be the cookie I've been looking for, soft and not crispy and very chocolatey. Chips Ahoy used to be like this when I was young so I fell inlove with it but I don't know what happened, now their quality has significantly dropped.
Anyways, going back to my new found love, I tried it today and it is what I have expected! Love love love!

My sisters who both live in the US told me that they love this brand too. They said that all the Pepperidge Farm products are good so I am sooo excited to try it all ! No wonder my little toddler loves her Goldfish cheddar crackers too. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mummyfied heart

A couple of hours ago I started reading about the story of a Polish orphaned girl who was searching for her long lost relatives in Singapore for 25 years. Her parents (Polish father and Singaporean mother) were murdered when she was only a toddler in 1990. As soon as the article started to talk about how the neighbours found her at their home in New Jersey after one week of being alone with her dead parents, at 17 months she survived for a week by eating cheerios and drinking water from the toilet bowl...oh my God, I just had to stop reading it, I couldn't take it anymore! It's the same feeling like when I started watching movies where the baby/child was forcedly taken away from their mother. I could not continue watching anymore and my poor hubby has to endure this now because he has to be prepared of my sudden mood change during our movie nights (thankfully this has happened so far only at home while watching movies online, if we were in a cinema I would have walked out). Same thing about this documentary that was recently circulating online about an orphan boy who was taking care of his sick grandmother by himself, I could not even dare start viewing that video. Let's not even start talking about child abuse and molestations, arrrghhh!

I wasn't like this before, I used to be tougher.

But eversince I became a mother, I have found it very difficult now to watch/read/hear about children going through hardships. My heart cannot take the intensity of the thought that an innocent child can be into these dark circumstances they do not deserve. They are just children and they should have their beautiful childhood.

I wish I have magic powers that can protect all children.